Avocado Tuna

This quick and easy mix can be used as a spread, a salad (less avocado, more tuna) or a tortilla wrap filler. The recipe makes enough filler for 4 tortilla wraps.

INGREDIENTS 1 avocado, ripe 1 can of tuna ¼ apple, red 1/3 lemon, juiceMakes 4 portions 194 Calories per portion Total Fat 13.4g Total Carbohydrate 6.8g Dietary Fiber 3.7g Protein 12.8g Calcium 8mg Iron 1mg Potassium 415mg

1Cut the avocado into two halves. Peel and de-stone it. Depending on how ripe it is, mash it with a fork or use a blender. Dice the apple and combine.

2Drain the oil and the juices from the tuna and add it to the avocado and the apple.

3Squeeze the lemon over the tuna and mix everything together. Serve with bread or in a tortilla wrap.




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